Description Edit

Clearing is a super tree located on Henge World. Clearing stands alone in a vast grassy meadow that surrounds the tree for several leagues, past the meadow is dense forest that is common through Henge World.

Daylight in Clearing occurs twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening as the angle of the sun peaks through the loose leaf of the three canopy.

Government Edit

Demographics Edit

Clearing is made up of the following races.

  • Humans
  • Gnomes
  • Dwarves
  • High Elves
  • Salamanders

Clearing is generally broken down into the follow social groups.

Sods Edit

Sods are the lower class in Clearing, commonly live around the base of the super tree in an area called "The Roots". Sods spending most of their time extracting rich minerals and ores for the workshops located in "The View"

Factions Edit

Ground Force Edit

High Branches Edit

House Apple Edit

House Peach Edit

Underworlders Edit

Characters Edit

Adame Apple Edit

Adame is the current head of House Apple.

Astrafel Lennon Edit

Berry Jeus Edit

Bobbin Apple Edit

Bobbin is the current heir of "House Apple" and son of "Adame Apple".

The Mudster Edit

The Mudster is an Underworlder and current leader of the largest crime syndicate in Clearing. He is also rumored to be "Arayn Apple" a mysterious excommunicated member of "House Apple".

Game Note: Currently missing in action after attending a secret meeting.

Magister Walter Malone Edit

Isiah Gregg Edit

Sinder Claw Edit

Locations Edit

The View Edit

The Harvests Edit

The Winches Edit

The Roots Edit

The Muds Edit

Production Edit

Produce Edit

The super tree is a combined species of trees, as a result almost all forms of fruit and nuts grow from its branches, year round this produce is harvested and feeds the inhabitants of Clearing.

Metals Edit

Rich deposits of ore are located under nearth the super tree, these resources are mined and used to build more rigid structures such as "The Winches" and develop arms for "Ground Force" and other groups.

Timber Edit

Timber is generally harvested from the edges of the meadow and brought back to the clearing, this serves a dual purpose of keep the dense forest of the Henge World in check and providing a cheap and available building resource for the inhabitants of Clearing.

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